Upgrade Our Community

The Yard of the Month is a voluntary program developed 5 years ago to encourage our partner families to take pride in their homes by improving the curb appeal of their homes. Each month our Yard of the Month Coordinator, Kibbie Rolf, visits each of the participating homes, noting any improvements of landscaping, gardening or general upkeep that has been made from the previous month.  A winner is selected and awarded a $25.00 Home Depot gift card and a Yard of the Month sign is displayed in their front yard.  A monthly newsletter goes out to each homeowner giving inexpensive tips and hints to improve their curb appeal, along with timely planting guides, weed and insect control and occasionally a seed packet. At our new home dedications, each new partner family is given a garden basket containing a Home Depot Garden book, garden hand tools, gloves, Miracle Grow and a potted plant to get them started. Since the program was started, a vast improvement has been seen in the efforts that our partner families have taken to improve the curb appeal of their homes.